Alta Dena Milk, Reduced Fat, 2% Milkfat 0.5 Gal

Alta Dena 2% Milk is reduced fat milk with vitamin A and vitamin D, making it a wholesome choice for the entire family. Creamy and delicious, this fresh milk half gallon has 8 grams of protein and 25% of the daily value for calcium with vitamin D per serving. Pour some of this half gallon of milk into a tall glass for a midnight snack, or enjoy it as breakfast milk or a base for your cereal. Alta Dena dairy milk meets special requirements in safety, nutrition and production and reflects a commitment to the highest standard of dairy processing for over 50 years. This 2% milk half gallon comes from dedicated family farmers who take pride in nourishing communities across Southern California. At 130 calories per serving, Alta Dena 2% Milk is a wholesome alternative to whole milk.