Budweiser Beer, Golden Lager 18 ea

99 cals. 3.1 g carbs. Per 12 fl oz - Average Analysis: 99 calories; 3.1 g carbohydrates; 0.7 g protein; 0.0 g fat. Drink wiser. This is the refreshing Budweiser Select golden lager brewed with hand-selected, choice hops for a crisp, refreshing aroma, a blend of lightly toasted, two-row American barley malt, and roasted caramel American barley malt for a rich, golden color, full-bodied taste, and a smooth finish. The great american. United States of the America. Budweiser select lager. Full-bodied. Golden lager. Genuine. www.selectbeer.com. beer.com. For more information about our products and freshness guarantee call 1-800-Dial Bud (1-800-342-5283) or visit us at www.selectbeer.com. Thirsty for more info? Tap into your beer.com. Brewed with renewable 100% electricity from wind power (Electricity is one type of energy we use to brew: learn more at budweiser.com). Please recycle.