Lactaid Eggnog

Lactaid® Eggnog. Enjoying eggnog again! 100% lactose free. Grade A/ultra-pasteurized. Real eggnog no discomfort! A new way to enjoy your holiday favorites! Try swapping Lactaid® eggnog for milk in your favorite lactose-free recipes, including: Eggnog cheesecake. Eggnog cupcakes. Eggnog latte. Eggnog bread pudding. Have all the holiday cheer and none of the discomfort with Lactaid® eggnog! Ultra-pasteurized and homogenized at plant stamped on top. Lactaid, the Lactaid cow design, slogans, and the design of this package are trademarks of McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. ©McNeil Nutritionals, LLC 2016. Gluten free. May be sold until midnight of date indicated on top. Partially produced with genetic engineering. If you have any questions or comments in English or Spanish, call us toll free at 1-800-LACTAID or visit us at