Enfagrow Milk Drink, 3, 1 Year And Up, Vanilla 4 Ea

Artificial flavor. 4 Areas Pediatricians Check for Most: cognitive, motor, communication, social. Neuro Support: Helps support a healthy brain. Enfagrow Next Step convenience pack. Ready to drink. Enjoy with straw or pour in sippy cup. Easy to open. No scissors necessary. Great taste and brain-nourishing DHA & iron. Your toddler still needs great nutrition even after she turns one. In fact, 85% of brain growth occurs in the first three years. Continue to give your toddler brain-nourishing DHA and nutrition by complementing her diet with great-tasting Enfagrow Next Step! Also available in natural milk flavor. If you have a questions, we are here for you. Call us toll free: 1-800-BABY123, 8 am to 4:30 pm Monday - Saturday, central time. Or visit Enfagrow.com.