Golden Road Brewing Beer, Lime & Salt, Street Cart 6 Ea

The mid-19th century saw an expansion of Cerveceria’s across Mexico and beyond. Two decades later the legend of the cerveza had been established. Street Cart Cerveza takes its inspiration from decades of brewing prowess with a classic cerveza recipe brewed in the time-honored style. Crisp and clean with just a hint of lime and salt, Street Cart elevates the cerveza experience with proficiency and artisanship. Bright, light, and effortlessly refreshing with a clean, crisp aftertaste. Perfect for watching a big game, to bring to a celebration or just ice-cold beer enjoyed on a back deck. A fitting tribute to the artisans, craftsmen and women that made the classic cerveza what it is today. A brewing legend. Golden Road Brewing Street Cart Cerveza, Craft Lager, 6 Pack, 12 fl oz Cans, 4.8% ABV.