Hawaiian Springs Natural Artesian Water 1.5 lt

Typical Analysis: pH7.7, TDS 84 mg/l, Silica 37 mg/l, Calcium 6 mg/l, Magnesium 3 mg/l, Potassium 2 mg/l. 7.7 pH alkaline. Bottled of the source. Hawaiian springs. Know your source Hawai'i, the most isolated landmass on earth, is a paradise, where heavenly rainfall is naturally filtered through pristine lava rock, creating a water as soft and sweet as the Lehua blossom. Some call it a dream - we call it home. So wherever you are, refresh your spirit, rejuvenate your soul and embrace Hawaiian springs. Ka Wai Ola. The water for life. www.Hawaiianspringswater.com. For water quality and information including a bottled water report contact 1.808.685.7958 or go to: www.Hawaiianspringswater.com. 30% rPET post consume recycled content. BPA free. A sustainable source. Please recycle. Water Origin: Kea'au, Island of Hawaii.