Hpnotiq Liqueur

Produced & bottled in France, HPNOTIQ is a blend of natural, exotic fruit juices, premium vodka and a touch of cognac and can be served mixed with premium spirits such as cognac, rum, vodka, or champagne. Hpnotiq has remained the 2nd largest fruit based liqueur. Hpnotiq was the perfect storm of captivating flavor, eye-catching blue color and stylish packaging. Hpnotiq's tasting notes are tropical fruit, citrusy and mango-like aromas. Light, acidic and very tart at palate entry; the midpalate is refreshing and intensely juicy. Delightfully versatile, HPNOTIQ can be served straight, on the rocks, mixed with premium spirits such as cognac, vodka, rum, Champagne or added to a wide variety of cocktails.