Kern's® Chocolate Coconut Water 32 fl. oz. Carton

Naturally flavored. Kern's Coconut Water is a delicious and refreshing way to keep you and your family hydrated. A smart selection for bodies on the move, it replenishes the 5 essential electrolytes that you need to maintain your energy and strength. Kern's Chocolate Covered Water has more potassium than a whole banana (480mg). With no cholesterol or added sugar, Kern's Coconut Water is a healthy choice that you can feel good about. Kern's Chocolate Coconut Water is as nutritious as it is delicious. Drink a glass to enjoy these benefits! Zero Added Sugar; Good Source of Potassium; Only 50 Calories per Serving Contains 5 Essential Electrolytes; Contains Zero Cholesterol, Gluten Naturally Flavored; Contains 5 Critical Electrolytes; Natural Source of Hydration Certified Vegan; Gluten Free Beverage; Cholesterol Free; Kosher Dairy