Los Arango Tequila Blanco

100% de agave. During the Mexican Revolution, Jose Doroteo Arango (better known as Pancho Villa) was the leader of the Northern forces and gained fame for defending the local people from the abuses of tyrants. To honor his efforts, a Master Tequilero presented him with an artisanal tequila. Arango was so pleased with this gift that he asked to have family's name put on it. To this day, we celebrate Los Arango as a true symbol of Mexico - A Revolutionary Spirit. 40% alc/vol (80 proof). Produced and bottled by Tequilera Corralejo, S.A. de C.V. Domicilio conocido Penjamo, Guanajuato, C.P. 36921 R.F.C. TCO950909 8G6. Product of Mexico. Made in Mexico.