Mariani Probiotic Prunes Pitted Dried Plums

Per 40 g Serving: Vitamin B6 20% DV; Vitamin B12 20% DV; Vitamin E 20% DV; Iron 20% DV. Good source of the vitamins e, b6, b12 & iron. California prunes support healthy bones and heart. California prunes. Powered by Ganeden BC 30 probiotic digestive & immune health. Survives 10x more effectively than yogurt cultures! (In an independent lab study of a simulated gastric environment with a pH of 2.0 for two hours. Ganeden BC^300 cells were delivered 10x more effectively than common yogurt cultures). 1 serving a day supports immune & digestive health (As part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle). A healthy digestive system is one of the keys to overall wellness and feeling great! Refresh; rebalance; reset. Dietary fiber (supports digestive health); probiotic cultures (Supports immune health). Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. For more information about the benefits of prunes visit: Visit us on the web! products, recipes, promotions, more. Product of USA.