Maxpresso Coffee

Mild taste. Premium coffee bean. Coffee artisans at Maxpresso consider the taste and the aroma as the most important quality when making coffee. Maxpresso Coffee Mix is created by enthusiasts at Maxpresso with a selection quality beans and a special manufacturing technology. Maxpresso strives to deliver the authentic taste and aroma of nature's coffee to you. Get a fresh start in the morning and take an afternoon break with Maxpresso Coffee Mix. Have coffee your way! Maxpresso Coffee Mix sweeteness can be adjusted according to your preference. Each Maxpresso coffeemix is divided into sections of coffee, creamer, and sugar. Grab the end edge of Maxpresso Coffee mix individual package to adjust the amount of sugar you prefer and enjoy your custom premium Maxpresso Coffee Mix. 100% Freeze-Dried Coffee: Maxpresso Coffee Mix is mildly roasted and blended with high ratio of exceptional quality coffee beans to ensure deepest aroma with silky smooth taste of premium coffee mix. Easy open! Expiration Date: (See the date on the front). Product of Korea.