Oleico Safflower Oil, High Oleic 6 Oz

Expeller pressed. 100% natural. 0 g trans fat. See nutrition information for fat content. No cholesterol. Contains 0.163 g of fat per serving. Oleico Safflower Oil is a perfect natural combination of monounsaturated fat (a choice for excellence), saturated and polyunsaturated fats, making it world class unique, as shown on table. Dietary Fat Comparison Per USDA SR23 2010: Values as a % of fat content. Safflower Oleic Oil: 78.7% monounsaturated fat; 13.4% polyunsaturated fat; 7.9% saturated fat. Olive Oil: 75.0% monounsaturated fat; 10.8% polyunsaturated fat; 14.2% saturated fat. Avocado Oil: 73.8% monounsaturated fat; 14.1% polyunsaturated fat; 12.1% saturated fat. Canola Oil: 64.1% monounsaturated fat; 28.5% polyunsaturated fat; 7.5% saturated fat. Sunflower Linoleic Oil: 47.5% monounsaturated fat; 41.9% polyunsaturated fat; 10.6% saturated fat. Corn Oil: 29.0% monounsaturated fat; 57.4% polyunsaturated fat; 13.6% saturated fat. Soybean Oil: 23.7% monounsaturated fat; 60.0% polyunsaturated fat; 10.0% saturated fat. Grape Seed Oil: 16.8% monounsaturated fat; 73.1% polyunsaturated fat; 10.0% saturated fat. Source: USDA National Nutriment Database for Standard Reference. Release 23 (2010). www.oleic.com. Produced in Mexico. Product of Mexico.