Purina Friskies Wet Cat Food, Glaz’d & Infuz’d With Gravy Glaz’d Crab

Thrill your cat with the taste of the sea when you serve her a delightful dish of Purina Friskies Glaz'd and Infuz'd With Gravy Glaz'd Crab wet cat food. Made with real seafood and visible accents of garden veggies, these easy-to-open, easy-to-serve Friskies cat food tubs create an exciting mealtime experience. Listen for the sound of her running paws when she catches sight of the yummy grilled pieces that are infuz'd in a thick gravy-glaze. With every bite of this yummy gravy cat food, your cat will be amaz'd by glaz'd. Serve this premium cat food tray plated as a nibble-worthy, form-holding loaf, or break it up with a fork for a tasty gravy-coated, meaty meal — either way she is sure to be excited by the unique texture! Also, our adult cat food recipe contains 100% complete and balanced nutrition to support her in all her adventures. With four yummy glaz'y flavors to choose from, you can always inspire your cat's love for a scrumptious meal. Let your favorite feline know how much she matters to you when you serve her a flavorful dish of this Friskies wet cat food.