San Antonio Wines, Award Winning, Granda Tropical Sweet Pink, Cardinale American Sweet Red 2 ea

Celebrating 100 years of excellence in wine, family, and tradition! Enjoy a taste of history with these special sweet and semi-sweet wines from our original San Antonio label, the classic line that started it all. Owned and operated by four generations of The Riboli family, San Antonio Winery remains the oldest and largest producing winery in Los Angeles. Still at its original location in Downtown, the winery continues to produce award-winning wines from its vineyards in Paso Robles, Monterey, and Napa and is the most awarded winery in Southern California. Wine estates. 1917-2017. 50 years golden anniversary. Cathedral of Saint Anthony of Padua. Cardinale American Sweet Red: Alc 11.5% by vol. Granada Tropical Sweet Pink: Alc 11.0% by vol.