Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread, Bakery, Sandwich, 100% Whole Wheat

Excellent source of whole grain (this product provides 27 g of whole grain in a 2 slice serving. USDA recommends consuming 48 g of whole grain every day). Good source of calcium. 0 g trans fat. This bread really has the best of both worlds - it's made with 100% whole grain, but here's the key: it mild flavor and smooth texture make it taste great too. It's bread your whole family will love, which means it's all fun and games until there's only one slice left. So to avoid a family feud, we recommend some advanced planning. Decide ahead of time whether you are a rock, paper, scissors or draw sticks kind of family, and make sure you have any necessary equipment on hand for the moment of truth. Soft & Smooth provides whole grain for the whole family - now you can give them something healthy and get a thank you in return! Nutritional Spotlight: 160 calories (8%); 2.5 g total fat (3%); 240 mg sodium (10%); 5 g sugar (the percentage for sugar is not listed as the % daily value has not been established); 4 g fiber; 27 g whole grain. Sara Lee is dedicated to baking great taste product with the nutrition benefits you and your family need. This easy-to-read guide is designed to help you make informed choices. It displays the nutrients in our products and the percent daily value they represent based on a 2,000 calorie diet. For whole grain, it provides the total grams of whole grain per serving. USDA recommended 48 g of whole grain everyday.