Seas Gift Sea Crisps, Seaweed Nori Snack

Natural. Non GMO. Cholesterol free. Vegan. No trans fat. Coated with sweet rice paste and fried with vegetable oil. Crisps (Bugak) is a traditional Korean food, a healthy side dish for the entire family, great as snack for children or adults. Crisps (Bugak) is made by drying the natural ingredients covered with sweet rice paste under the sunlight and wind. Then, they are fried for 2-3 seconds only to keep the natural shape, taste, and nutrition of the ingredients. Now you can enjoy Bugak as a delightful everyday snack. Subtle balance of dried seaweed and sweet rice. Sweet and crunchy. High in dietary fiber. No MSG, no preservatives & no artificial colors. Tel: 562-633-7400.