Stella Rosa Brandy, Berry Flavored, Smooth Black 750 ml

Taste the distinct elegance in our Stella Rosa Brandy, handcrafted with ripe fruit flavors fresh from the hills of northern Italy and bottled to perfection. Produced in the rolling foothills of Piedmont, the same prestigious region of Northern Italy as Stella Rosa® Wines. Young and fresh white grape varietals, mainly Trebbiano, are harvested at peak ripeness to ensure a full-bodied, rich flavor. Fermented in cooling tanks for approximately 10 days, the crushed grapes are cooled below 60F and inoculated with cultivated yeasts and wild yeasts yielded from the fruit to capture all of the fruit’s natural aromas. Uses a specialized Italian process known as the Charentais method, where the brandy is distilled twice in copper pot stills. Alcohol vapors are freed and accumulate on the still-head, while the most volatile pass through the swan’s neck. Slavonian oak achieves a smooth taste and fruit-forward finish, along with precise flavor, aromas, and color. Crafted in small batches to ensure a premium spirit; packaged in custom, serigraphy custom glass. Enjoy chilled on the rocks, poured over ice, or shaken with your favorite flavor pairings.